Stefanie Gerhardt
Stefanie Gerhardt
born 1974, lives and works in Freiburg
2002–2007 Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe, Prof. Leni Hoffmann
2007 Diploma, Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe
2008 Master Scholar, Prof. Leni Hoffmann
since 2020 Lectureship at the University of Education Freiburg
since 2021 Lectureship at Macromedia University, Freiburg Campus
Grants / Residences
2021 Project grant of the Province of Baden-Württemberg, Germany
2018 Atelier Mondial Residence in Hangzhou, China
2017 Publication Funding Grant of the Province of Baden-Württemberg, Germany
2016 Residence at Kommandantenhaus Dilsberg, Germany
Residence at Kavalierhaus, Lake Constance, Germany
2013 Residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts Paris, France
2012 Toni Merz Art Award
2010 Reinhold Schneider Young Art Award of the City of Freiburg
2009 Fine Arts Graduate Fellowship Travel Award (London)
2008 Art Award of the Regional Council Karlsruhe
2007 Freiburg Art Prize of the Art Academy
Media Art Prize, Oberrhein Region